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nokhookdesign team at chiang mai
About Nokhookdesign
Nokhookdesign is a small T-shirt and art shop located in a peaceful area of Chiang Mai city near Chiang Mai Gate. Products are originally designed, creative and very unique. Everything is created by the designer and guaranteed to be very limited, rare to find with no copied pieces of works sold.

The concept of Nokhookdesign is to find a balance between traditional Lanna culture, cliched Lanna reproduced arts and culture, and a modern way of how to interpret traditional culture to fit with an alternative modern lifestyle. Although the products may not seem to be obviously Lanna in style as most people would be acquainted with, they carry with them a strong love of their roots reflected through a new style of art. One important principle they cling onto is, ‘culture should be able to change, develop and improve rather than being frozen, kept untouched and forgotten’.


Kittiya Moonsarn (Kwang)

blog : nyanta.exteen.com

A graduate of B.A and M.A in English from CMU, she has been working purely as a translator and copywriter for many magazines in Chiang Mai for more than 7 years. Apart from writing for pleasure and money, she is now teaching at one university in Chiang Mai.The position is called ‘manager’, but in fact she does all the things that Anukun refuses to do (labour work and anything with figures!).





Design Director
Anukun Hamala (Gang)

blog : nokhook69.exteen.com
Profile : nokhookdesign.wordpress.com/profile

A Chiang Mai native, Anukun has more than 8 years experience in the field of graphic design. He graduated from Ratchamongkol Institute, Faculty of Architecture, and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Department of Architectural Education, Faculty of Industrial Education. Anukun worked at several magazines in Bangkok and Chiang Mai as a graphic designer before deciding to quit and do what he really wanted: open a small art shop. Anukun has proved his outstanding style by winning many awards in graphic design. His area of interest also covers writing fiction and non-fiction, drawing and photography in which you can see the variety of techniques shown in his works.

In his free time, Anukun loves to go around town with his lomo camera. Other artists may love to hang out in chic pubs and bars but Anukun is fond of spending his free time in bakeries or ice-cream shops. What Anukun and a kindergarten school child share in common is a short term concentration span. He can be obsessed by one thing, but will then dash to another in a very short period of time. But the good thing is that his interests are so varied! Apart from being a graphic designer, he is also our shopkeeper, janitor and has to take our PR for a bath once a week.


Public Relation

Facebook : Yoda

He is a pug and he is our public relations representative. Come to visit our shop and he will welcome you (over-react) with joy and happiness. His special talent is that he can eat everything except dog food!!!!! (Really everything, including rubber and cotton balls) He loves swimming and taking bath.
P.S. If you come and see us and our door is closed, it doesn’t always mean we are away – we are just afraid that our PR will run away from home!

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