the jelly project 2009


JELLY : Juxtaposed Exhibition by Locomotive Local Youngsters

@ ChangSathit Artivation Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand
23 – 31 October 2009

As “Art” should be flexible and reshapeable just like Jelly is. That became the inspiration for the JELLY Project, an exhibition by various fields of artists, mostly based in Chiang Mai and some from other provinces, to join hands producing networks and new line of arts.

The participated groups are including graphic designers, video arts, comic arts, motion graphic, painting, installation arts, street arts and much more. Prepare yourself to be surprised, stunned and also join the art activities with them.

JELLY Schedule from 23 to 31 October 2009
at Changsatit Artivation, The Plaza Chiang Mai

Fri 23 Oct / 8 pm. – 9 pm.
Save the world with graphic design

Artist: CG+ Magazine, CG+ Magazine editorial team
Detail: special talk with CG+ Magazine, first Thai brand graphic design magazine, about how to create a magazine and open up your thoughts with graphic design and printed media.

Sat 24 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
Thai Signature in the international stage

Artist: 8e88 Graphic /
Detail: special talk with 8e88 Graphic, Thai graphic studio that was widely accepted by both Thai and foreign studios and has been featured in many foreign design books such as Idn, Newwebpick and appeared on international brand products like Tiger Beer.

Sun 25 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
Toy is Art?

Artist: Nokhookpapertoy, bymanstudio, Nokhookdesign
Detail: Meet bymanstudio from Lenarai company, the figure toy producer, about character design, figure and toy producing and join a Nokhookpapertoy workshop

Mon 26 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
Movie never ends

Artist: Wichart Somkeaw, Nok Paksanawin, Santipap Inkong-ngam and indy film directors
Detail: watch movie with 3 directors and talk about how to make movies out of mainstream

Tue 27 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm. /

Artist: Digital zoo team
Detail: Talk about Social Networking and Graphic Designer by Digital zoo team, world awards winning Thai graphic design and web agency

Wed 28 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
On the way to be a cartoon book

Artist: Jiraporn Kotmitr (i-phan), Wanida Niramorn the cartoonist for a TV show ‘Kob Nok Kala’
Detail: Talk with two cartoonists about how to create a cartoon book, its process and problems

Thu 29 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
What is digital Lanna art?

Artist: Ho designer
Detail: Talk with Ho designer, digital Lanna art group, about how to combine Lanna art style with graphic design and digital arts, and about the process of making free online E-magazine

Fri 30 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
Street art now!

Artist: kobby1, dths crew
Detail: Workshop with kobby 1, graffiti artists who has more than 14 years experience, and other graffiti artists in Chiang Mai and have a special talk about the impact and direction of street to the world in the future

Sat 31 Oct / 7 pm. – 9 pm.
Music Jam

Artist: sumet minimal and many bands
Detail: Enjoy gigs and music shows by many bands, rotating every day

** Remarks: – Gig and music show every day
– Movie show available 1 round per day

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