Elephant Parade Chiang Mai 2016: Puang Chompoo by Anukun Hamala

Anukun Hamala Elephant parade 01Anukun Hamala Elephant parade 04Anukun Hamala Elephant parade 02Anukun Hamala and his ElephantAnukun Hamala Elephant parade 03

Elephant Parade® Chiang Mai 2016 9th December until 15th January 2017

Puang Chompoo by Anukun Hamala.

“I want to see all disabled elephants living in the forests, abundant with food and plenty of room to play.”

Chiang Mai native, Anukun has more than 13 years experience in the field of graphic design. He worked at several magazines in Bangkok and Chiang Mai as a graphic designer before deciding to quit and do what he really wanted: open a small art shop. Anukun has proved his outstanding style by winning many awards in graphic design and guest lecturer for the Applied Photographic Art at The Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University.

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