Nokhookpapertoy project

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Nokhookpapertoy project
Dear All,

Nokhookdesign, hand-screen T-shirt shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is proud to present the new project ‘Nokhook Paper Toy’. This project will be displayed at
If you want to join us, design your own style paper toy on our template. We will welcome all designs.

How to join us
1. Download the template, and make your own style, design and color.
2. Name it and put your credit on it (the rights on each piece belongs to the owner who designs).
3. Fold, glue and make your paper toy alive. Put it somewhere in your house.
4. Shoot it with any camera you like and share with us at (with your contact information).
5. Also send the digital file (file formatting: .ai or .pdf) to our e-mail too. We will make another of your paper toy and display at online exhibition.
6. Follow up with the project at

Let’s join and enjoy!
Nokhookdesign, Chiang Mai, Thailand

**If it happens that we got too many participants, Nokhookdesign may have to choose some of them for the exhibition. But don’t worry, all photograph of your works will be displayed.
*Nokhook means ‘owl’