Pug Nang Kwak – Thai Goddess Of Wealth

Elephantpug-nang-kwak-thai-goddess-of-wealth-framed-prints.jpg pug-nang-kwak-thai-goddess-of-wealth-canvas.jpgpug_nang_kwak_wallpug_nang_kwak_exhibitonpug_nang_kwak_sketch1pug_nang_kwak_sketch2
Pug Nang Kwak – Thai Goddess Of Wealth, illustration by Anukun Hamala
Inspired by a traditional ‘Nang Kwak’, the goddess of wealth commonly found in Thailand with a hand gesture beckoning for money and prosperity. This version is a mixing of a pug and Nang Kwak. This lovely mixed breed goddess will bring you happiness, joy, and money.